Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ai Wei Wei - Sunflower seeds at the Tate Gallery

Ai Wei Wei is an established Chinese Conceptual artists who in the past years has been constantly delivering imagery and polemic ideologies that question pretty much everything you can think of, and specifically the Chinese government system and politics, sometimes pairing it up with culture and tradition.

In this case he creates an installation for the Tate Gallery in which he makes thousands of porcelain hand- painted sunflower seeds. These are set up on the floor on a space of approximately 5 square meters and the finality is that people walk on top and through this quirky setup. He has said that some people have tried to eat them because they look so real. Up front they do look like real sunflower seeds, in the inside it is actually years of Chinese tradition.
Ai Wei Wei works with a little village that traditionally made the Emperor’s porcelain for him and the palace. They are now in charge of creating thousands of sunflower seed for the Tate show, this according to the artists has put them back on the limelight, this as the Emperor once did will be a part of the history and tradition, of course they will continue working with Ai Wei Wei if he keeps working within these parameters. 

He was recently a part of the 2010 Sydney Biennale with his metal bound bonsais

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