Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whole in One.

As an artist run gallery it is important for everyone on the Kaleidoscope team to maitain a healthy art practice.  Apart from pursuing our own goals and passions it is crucial for us to keep abreast of "what it is like to be an artist." The highs and lows of exhibiting, the all-nighters, the stress and the wonderful feeling of being involved in an exhibition to be proud of.  Sometimes it seems that gallerist lose that sense of how special it is to be given a platform to express your thoughts and impressions of the world around you and I hope it is something that we never lose sight of at KG.  Being an artist allows one to share an important insight into the personal and public sphere... a form of commentary that is at one level inherently personal and subjective but by the same token open for such external and objective interpretation.  I feel blessed to be an artist and to be involved in the exhibition of like minded individuals, to be able to provide a space for their self and worldly expression. 

Continuing my somewhat diary-entry post, yet still relevant when revealing insights into my personal artistic practice, I would like to share with you some of the works by artists that inspire me; as I apply the finishing touches to my Masters thesis which is due at the end of September, I am in the company of such heavy weights every day... their constant inspiration reminds me why I chose to pursue this life and not another...

 James Turrell (US)

 Max Sudhues (GER)

Peter Kennedy (AUS)

If you are interested in light based or temporal art I encourage you to look at these three artists.  All are contemporary and are helping shape this relatively new (in the grand scale) art form into a force to be reckoned with.  Light based and temporal art is becoming more and more collectable (hurrah!) as the world embraces the synaesthetic responses that these works can evoke. We are now accustomed to allowing artworks to engage with us on more than a mono-receptive level. Thank you for letting me share 3 of my all time favourites with you (of course there are plenty more where that came from but sadly I have a thesis that I am procrastinating from!)

From now on the lovely Kate will be taking over our blog.  With her finger on the pulse of all things arty and interesting, the Kaleidoscope Gallery blog will be in very fine hands indeed. I look forward to reading her lovely tales of visual and philosphical whimsy.

In the meantime, remember that although it is sometimes difficult to find the time, we all need to remember why we chose our particular paths.  If your career is not driven by your passion, then perhaps it was chosen for the freedom to return to whatever it is that excites you in your downtime.  Dont lose sight of what makes you 'whole'. 

Love and light, 
Sam x

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