Friday, August 27, 2010


drop by it's wonderful sunny day and we'd love to see you pop by, art, zines and much more

soon to come workshops, life drawing classes and more shows. Keep your art-dars on!!!

art love


Friday, August 20, 2010

Elizabeth's fragmented world

Elizabeth Bridge, the artist posing next to one of her photographs. Interesting images that make you wonder what has been looked it. Linked to the title it would be if it was, it makes you wonder what determines an image and it's boundaries. What is a fragment and what is reality.

fragments or details of past images? The artist explores colours and textures in a quaint, innovative manner, that makes us think of ethereal and almost dreamlike moments. The colour and the images link up with the rest of the show coming together as a glamorous beautiful room where you want to be in and relax. 

opening of the wonderful "It would be if it was"

So a glamorous opening just took place at ours, and it has a title that just leaves you thinking about the impressions and details in life.

Details that the artist seem to recreate almost without opening her eyes. There's movements and sounds and it comes together in a wonderful explosion of colours.

opening night with some members of our team

photography of some abstracts and closeups

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It would be if it was - elizabeth bridge

Getting ready for a new show. WATCH OUT and keep your art antennas ready to go, we launch on Thursday at 6 pm

Come along and join us for another exciting art show!!!!

84 William Street, Paddington

Friday, August 13, 2010

great successful opening night

You just have to love a good Saturday morning at the Paddo markets, come check out the last weekend of the show and then stroll of for a coffee around this lovely area.

I just love how a sunny day can bring out the best in everyone and you just feel the urge to window shop and have a walk anywhere (maybe hit the beach, but wait till summer it's still a bit breezy). You see kids around and peeps walking the dogs, nothing better than a cuppa during or after.

I can see it and sense it art lovers, summer is coming slowly but surely
When you get to the opening of a show and it's frankly hard to get into the venue, you just have to assume that it really kicked off. Friends, family and art lovers where a part of this great opening that started off a week ago and will finish this August 18th.

It was a wonderfull experience to work with this great group of artists. They delivered interesting images that proved to be unique in their own way, and as their show and collective name says, between the printing sheets a lot of things can happen.

Even though they all have different backgrounds, they group up nicely into a steady delivery of a variety of techniques that show the public the many things you can achieve when you are creating a print.

A great show done by great artists, keep them under your artist eye fellas, you'll want to know where they are in the following years, bear in mind that they are newbies but real goodies.

KALEIDOSCOPE GALLERY: The Print Collective: Between the Sheets

KALEIDOSCOPE GALLERY: The Print Collective: Between the Sheets

The Print Collective: Between the Sheets

One of our first JUST printmaking based shows, the collective is a Sydney based artist group and quoting from their facebook page ( a must have)

Between The Sheets is a Sydney based Printmaking Collective that formed at the College of Fine Arts. Featuring emerging Artists from Port Stephens, Wollongong, South America and across the greater Sydney area. Between The Sheets present a broad spectrum of traditional and contemporary Printmaking techniques.

Some of the artists 

                                       tom rae, flying scotsman, etching and collograph. POA

lisa sammut, parallel personalities, etching. POA

laura gamio raluy, bling bling birdie, artist book. POA. (detail)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to our first post on our official blog. Our main idea is to update you on what's buzzin' at our space. Current and upcoming shows and activities.

We're a team of five at the gallery and our main goal is to get artists out into the limelight that they deserve so much. Basically we'll pretty much blog on what we think about the shows and how they turned out. Any opinions and suggestions welcome.

More to come so keep your tech devices open and alert!!!