Friday, August 13, 2010

When you get to the opening of a show and it's frankly hard to get into the venue, you just have to assume that it really kicked off. Friends, family and art lovers where a part of this great opening that started off a week ago and will finish this August 18th.

It was a wonderfull experience to work with this great group of artists. They delivered interesting images that proved to be unique in their own way, and as their show and collective name says, between the printing sheets a lot of things can happen.

Even though they all have different backgrounds, they group up nicely into a steady delivery of a variety of techniques that show the public the many things you can achieve when you are creating a print.

A great show done by great artists, keep them under your artist eye fellas, you'll want to know where they are in the following years, bear in mind that they are newbies but real goodies.

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