Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saturday Art keeping

Dear blog followers today I was reading Art Almanac’s November version and found an ad for a photography show that quite struck my attention. Personally I am a bit of a fuss when it comes to photography, it might be because I’m an art student or maybe because my dad was a photographer so I’ve been around a bunch of people who are equally fussy and they’ve shown me what is great and what isn’t.
Anyways, this woman spends her time taking snapshots of small traders who have been around for the last fifteen years. Quite impressive I must say and at the same time it’s a snapshot of life, because they’ve been around us for so long and have probably seen quite a bit of local history. Shulman says that one of her main interests is to portray how old techniques are disappearing and how certain individuals keep them. This of course is a way of preserving history and tradition.
It kind of gets you thinking about new technologies that are certainly improving our lifestyles but at the same time we forget how it was before them, people tends to forget quickly what life was like before certain gadgets started coming out even if it’s only been a couple of months.
You’ll find Lisa Shulman’s ‘Shopfront’ exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery, Rear entry Lower Level, Hawthorn Town Hall


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