Thursday, November 4, 2010


Samantha Mitchell- Fin has pared up with Belinda Montgomery and Fiona Hill to do an audio- visual installation at Delmar Gallery. The entrance is $25 and we recommend booking as soon as possible, they are about to run out. Trinity Grammar School Society of the Arts presents this and if you are a member of the latter or are a student in your uniform you get in for free.
Ph (02) 9581 6070

As the artists describe it Chromoson  is:
Chromo (kroh-moh) chromo…, colo(u)r-…
son (suhn) M sound, noise.

It is an intensive performance inspired by the multi- sensory phenomenon of synaesthesia. A conjunction of colorful lights and movement that are accompanied by vocals and music.
Don’t miss out on this wonderful performance.


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