Saturday, October 23, 2010

Insights on a rainy day

Dear KG followers I was recently reading the latest Tharunka Women’s Edition of 2010 and was pleasantly surprised with the great articles that were published in this edition, not to say that they haven’t been good in the past. It’s just enjoyable to see women talking about everyday facts without diminishing men.
I must state that I myself am a fervent feminist but I don’t think that men are less or should be treated as scum, not at all, I have great male friends and I really love my boyfriend. I do think on the other hand women are underrepresented and not taken into consideration in numerous public areas.  We must look for equality and balance considering that there are obvious differences between both genders. I will on the other jump eagerly at someone’s throat (figure of speech) if I am or anyone else, if abused in any way just because I am a woman. That is NOT acceptable.
I was brought up in a family that you would refer to as averagely traditional, with a flower power mother and a ‘suit’ father so you could say that it is averagely OK. The Mediterranean way does state that you will take care of your men as a woman and make sure they have everything they might need or want, they, in return, will take care of you. This said I enjoy being taken care of I like to have someone who cares enough about me that they will do anything in hand to protect me, and at the same time Sisterhood is much appreciated.
Enough about me and more about this Vol. of Tharunka @UNSW. The variety of articles just makes it more enjoyable and interesting on how things as simple keeping a house clean between flat mates is reduced to being completely gender biased. How is it possible that people who are receiving and education decide to resource to “Mom” calling someone because they are asked to remove the mold from the communal bathroom and please pick up after themselves? BTW I am not the cleanest person, my boyfriend has defined my room as something that has been attacked with an atomic bomb at times and he does have quite a bit of OCD, but frankly communal places are a bit too much don’t you think.
Situations such as these I am afraid to say my dear cavemen out there unacceptable if you are living on your own, you are not with your mother or any related female so please do something about it and don’t be infants, that is just not appealing. As a girlfriend yes I have ironed the ‘dude’s’ shirts sometime as much as I avoid ironing personally I despise it with passion. But I must state that it goes both ways, I will iron and he will keep my computer on the dot of efficiency. Not only that but it’s just in many ways where you must look for a balance and work out what you will or will not do.

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