Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lesley Vogel- Grass Roots

Kg art lovers how have you been? I apologize for my absence, when uni calls I am afraid that hermit mode is the option, or as a friend would do just switch on ONE song per day, and I will make some emphasis on the quantity, and play over and over until your project is done and finished to present. This of course only applicable if you are doing some sort of studio based degree and can deal with the same song for 24 hours, I can’t do the latter.
When I finally ‘apparated’ back into the gallery space (yes I am a Harry Potter fan) I found myself with Lesley’s wonderful textures and landscapes that just make you think of the Australian outback and colourings. The strength of her brush strokes and the textures she manages to create are just as potent as the beautiful outback that I personally love so much (as you might have picked up). It is not only this that moves her creations it is also the beaches and the snow, nature in general that if looked at closely is full of details and life.
Her opening night was of course an absolute success and half the show went onto new and loving owners, today I proudly sold another one and by the way my favourite “Grassy haze” a beautiful piece of art wher the texture and movement take over the entire surface and re introduce the public with the details and beauty of textures made my pure raw materials. 

"At my feet", Oil and gesso on canvas.

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